Bent plywood details

Bent plywood is a combination of traditional natural raw materials with modern processing methods. The flexible technology of molded plywood production makes it possible to move from the stage of ideas to implementation in the shortest possible time. Our customers use curved plywood products for the design of their products: the front element of the chair, the seat and backrest lining base and other parts of furniture.

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Beech bed slats

Slats are a type of orthopedic bed base. Bed and sofa manufacturers need a secure and flexible bed and seat base. Our company offers bed slats of various parameters. Light and durable. Supportive and cost-effective. The material "latoflex" - beech veneer, which guarantees high strength and long service life of the bed.



Peeled veneer is the main material for the production of plywood. Our company offers rotary-cut veneer made of excellent beech wood in western Ukraine, which is distinguished by a beautiful pattern, resistance, and flexibility of processing. Veneer manufactured by DECOR Company receives a lot of positive feedback ...

About us

[Who we are?] Our company-manufacturer of OOO "Decor" is based on the Bolekhovsky factory - woodworking factory with nearly centenary history. We have begun to operate since 2000, having chosen a direction of a full cycle of manufacture of plywood products and peeled veneer.
[Goal] Today the success of our company largely depends on the proper task - to find a design solution for our customers, using parts from bent plywood in their product.
[Products] Company "DECOR" offers a wide range of semi-finished products from bent plywood for manufacturers of residential, commercial (in particular, for educational institutions) and hotel furniture.
[Team, Technologies] For realisation of effective industrial processes we have picked up a command of the real professionals: enthusiasts, admirers of the business. For us, innovation, continuous improvement of work processes and product quality play an important role.
[Ecology] We are concerned about the environment and solving environmental problems. We achieve an optimal balance in energy and raw material consumption by circulating all production waste into the internal energy cycle. We also take a very careful approach to material selection and work only with certified suppliers.
[Raw materials] We use only quality local wood of legal origin in our production.
[Business Ethics] It is important for the DECOR company to create partnerships with customers and further increase the level of trust with existing partners. We always put the client’s interest above all else and carry out the planned tasks of even the most ambitious projects.

Manufacturing steps


1. Peeling

The main material of our products - veneer, is made by the method of peeling of first-class wood

2. Drying

To remove moisture from the wood, veneer sheets undergo the drying stage in special chambers

3. Pressing

Gluing and shaping of plywood blanks is carried out using special equipment (HF or HOT PRESS)

4. Milling

Parts of any complexity are contoured cut on milling machines

5. Processing of the details

We carry out all necessary operations of processing of details for leading of plywood blanks so that all surfaces are perfectly prepared for subsequent applications.

6. Varnishing

The finished product leaves the conveyor after covering the details with lacquer or any other material required by the customer
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Our advantages:
qualitative raw material
full production cycle
extensive experience