The implementation of various furniture forms and designs with a relatively low cost of production is possible using bent plywood technology, which allows you to bring your design ideas to life! DECOR COMPANY offers Bent (molded) Plywood parts from beech veneer of its own production. We provide our customers a wide range of molded plywood furniture parts: from serial models of school chairs to original designs.

Types of blanks: Each model of a chair, seat, backrest is an individual constructive form. Therefore Bent Plywood component is selected and negotiated separately with customers. Below you can see the main types of molded plywood parts that can be used in the manufacture of your chair.

  • School Sets (Sanded, Lacquered, HPL Coated)
  • - Plywood seats and backrests for school chairs. Our company has extensive experience in the production of ready-to-install molded plywood kits. We are one of the few production facilities that has the ability to produce significant amounts of treated (varnished, painted or polished) parts of school chairs. There are many forms of glued parts available, which are standards in the EU school furniture markets.
  • Chair frame (Shell, Bucket, Monoblock)
  • - One piece seat and backrest construction. For many manufacturers, our plywood Shells are an indispensable basis for chairs and chairs. Variants: CNC milled, "pressed blanks", with an upper layer of veneer of grade A (finishing) or grade C "for upholstering".
  • HoReCa chair parts
  • - The front plywood parts of the chair. Creating a popular chair model requires perfect embodiment of design ideas, compliance with trends and a stable level of product quality. The DECOR company offers the use of glued parts in the development or improvement of your chair models. Treatment options: Sanding, coating with lacquer materials, veneering in various wood types.
  • Inner components (for upholstering)
  • - Pressed blanks from B-C-D grade veneer (contour-cut or uncut "blanks"). The strength of beech plywood allows the use of molded plywood as a frame base for foam rubber and the fabric of an office chair or other chair. It is possible to install metal parts, "T-nuts", other elements of installation.
  • Other plywood elements
  • - Legs, armrests, frames, sides, armrests, parts of cabinet furniture. The range of application of layer glued bent-plywood is limited only by the fantasy of the customer. In many cases, replacing parts of a solid chair with parts made of bent plywood reduces the cost of the chair.
Additional information:

* Material. Our company produces molded plywood from beech veneer. The material of other wood can be used in some cases.
* Delivery. Taking into account the fact that most of our customers are unfamiliar with the specifics of Ukrainian logistics, we organize the delivery of our goods to any part of the world.

* It is better to send requests with descriptions, drawings and photos of the model you need (we may already have this mould). Our managers will necessarily inform in the shortest terms about possibility of manufacturing of bent plywood products, will specify the prices and will describe conditions of cooperation.

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The process of making molded plywood elements:

1. The first step is the development and creation a tool for pressing bent plywood - the mold. You can order a mold from us or install your own. We offer our customers a wide selection of molds available, helping to save time and money. You can go to the production stage quickly and efficiently by choosing one of our molds.


2. In the production process, we use one of 2 methods for aging layer-glued blanks. Most of the upholstery and varnish parts are manufactured using high-frequency presses, however, for complex demanding AAA class components, such as solid shells, parts with several thicknesses and exposed wood parts, we use a heat press. Our fleet consists of 12 high-frequency presses and 2 thermal presses.


3. After pressing the plywood parts, we cut them on a milling machine or on a CNC machining center. These sophisticated computer-controlled routers allow us to produce a wide range of consistently uniform and concise upholstery and open class components. For the manufacture of molds and the processing of upholstery grade components, we use our Thermwood model C-67 two-way spindle routers and for exposed grade components.


4. All bent glued parts that subsequently need to be coated with paints and varnishes go through the laborious stage of processing. Our team of skilled workers processes and grinds parts, installs metal inserts and is engaged in small-scale assembly. Our units work hard and efficiently to produce the highest quality products for every order.


5. As an additional option for our customers, we offer a full range of finishing services. We use our semi-automated processing line to cover the front parts of seats, backs and chair frames with paint, varnish or other materials. We use high-quality environmentally friendly paints and varnishes. The DECOR company supplies its customers with a finished product that forms the appearance of a chair, armchair and other furniture parts.