Rotary-cut veneer

beech veneer

Rotary-cut beech veneer is a slice material of a given format and thickness, which is used to make plywood. Beech veneer is durable, it has a good structure and it is perfectly machined.


[Process technology]
1. We select the highest quality wood for the production of top quality veneers. All round wood intended for the production of rotary-cut veneers has a minimum of external and internal defects, has a low knot frequency, which leads to a higher yield of high quality veneers.
2. We steam the beech logs by placing them in hot water pools before starting the peeling operation. This process increases the plasticity of the wood and knots, provides easy peeling of the log and causes greater smoothness and density of veneer.
3. In the production of veneer we use modern peeling machines, with spindle lock mechanism for fixing the log. The peeling stage itself is a process in which simultaneously with the rotation of the timber, the cutting blade moves in the direction of the center of rotation, which leads to a cut of the wood layer of the required thickness (veneer sheets).
4. After peeling, we send the veneer to the dryers. Drying prevents the appearance of mold and other defects, removes excess moisture and prepares the veneer for glue application and product manufacturing. We use conveyor-type roller dryers. With this system, the veneer passes through several chambers, through which hot air flows. The temperature and speed of the conveyor are controlled to ensure that the veneer leaves the dryer with the required moisture content and quality. The target humidity range is 6 - 10 %.
5. After drying, we carefully sort the veneer sheets according to customer requirements and the purpose of the product. The quality criteria include natural wood characteristics or process-derived defects arising from peeling or veneer processing. Veneer quality grading is divided into four varieties: A, B, C and D, where the best veneer class is "A" and the following varieties are lower quality veneers.


The Dekor company controls the quality of rotary-cut veneer at all stages of production: from the preparation of raw materials to the sorting of products in stock. This is why our customers receive veneers of clear format, appropriate grade, even thickness and humidity.
We make a rotary-cut veneer from beech wood of the western Ukraine which differs the qualitative indicators:
- Natural luster
- Distinctive grain
- Uniform texture
- Resistance to mechanical damage


Type of veneer Grade Humidity
rotary-cut A, B, C, D 6 - 10 %
Thickness Width Length
from 1.0 to 2.0 mm any format up to 2500 mm

[Additional Information]
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